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The Online SATFAC (SAGE and THYME Facilitator) course (OLS) teaches people who meet the person specification how to be a facilitator of the SAGE & THYME Online workshop.

The 1.5 day course immediately follows a SAGE & THYME Online workshop (in the afternoon after the workshop and the following day) and covers:

  • Using the SAGE & THYME structure in a conversation
  • Skills needed for online teaching 
  • Facilitation skills for group work and discussion
  • Understanding the evidence behind each element of the SAGE & THYME structure and the evidence on the impact of SAGE & THYME on communication skills
  • How to teach each part of the online workshop including some practise sessions
  • Practical issues with teaching online.


After the OLS course, delegates have roughly 1-2 weeks to practice their skills before attending an OLS Assessment half day.

The OLS Assessment has a pass/fail outcome and assesses delegates on:

  • Delivering the presentation on SAGE & THYME (what each element is and the evidence behind it)
  • Facilitation skills
  • Discussing the skills exhibited in a film that demonstrates SAGE & THYME in a conversation

OLS trainers will use a structured approach to assess each delegate’s suitability to be named on the training licence. An email will be sent out within seven working days after the course has ended to inform each delegate of their decision.

Everyone who completes the OLS course will receive an attendance certificate and will gain valuable knowledge and skills to transfer to other areas of practice.  Note that attendance on a OLS course does not guarantee that a person can become an authorised SAGE & THYME facilitator and named on a licence.


There is a section in the OLS booking form that must be completed by applicants to demonstrate how the person specification is met.

A member of the SAGE & THYME team will review each booking form received and decide whether or not each candidate is suitable or not to attend the training.  This will be fed back to the applicant and sometimes also to the key contact for their organisation.

The training is delivered by MFT in collaboration with trainers from other NHS Trusts and freelance trainers from their own communication skills training companies.

Twelve learners can attend the OLS course and MFT reserves the right to cancel courses if not all places are filled.  

If you wish to become a S&T Online facilitator, you must be able to attend the whole of the OLS training including the OLS Assessment (i.e. you cannot arrive late or leave early) - the course is fast-paced and intensive and if you are not present for the whole course you will miss some key learning/feedback.

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