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SAGE & THYME ACP workshop

This 3.5 hour workshop is run by 3 facilitators and consists of a mix of small group work, lectures and rehearsals.  During the workshop, learners focus on effective communication skills that help to open an advance care planning conversation.  The structure provides a consultation guide as concerns and issues are disclosed.

Note that the workshop does not cover: breaking bad news; Mental Capacity Act; or specific documents such as ‘preferred priorities of care’.

The workshop is suitable for senior staff who engage in advance care planning/end of life care conversations (e.g. GPs, healthcare staff, social workers, lawyers) who have experience of advance care planning / end of life care/ Gold Standards Framework.

After a short introduction, the workshops uses small groups to establish what the participants already know about how to pick up cues that a person is ready to discuss advance care planning or end of life care.

This is followed by a half hour lecture on research findings and policy relating to effective communication skills.  The SAGE & THYME ACP model is introduced as a model to help participants translate the research and the policy into their interactions with patients when discussing advance care planning.

The small groups then reconvene to reflect on the SAGE & THYME ACP model.

After a short break, the SAGE & THYME ACP model is demonstrated in two rehearsals involving an acted conversation between a patient and a healthcare professional (demonstrated by two facilitators), using scenarios suggested by the participants.

A film lasting about 15 minutes is then shown to demonstrate another acted advance care planning conversation between a GP and a patient using the SAGE & THYME ACP model.

The workshop ends by a final group work exercise reflecting on what the participants have learnt.

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