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International Conference on Communication in Healthcare presentation on SAGE & THYME Online

12 September 2022

Our lead trainer, Mike Connolly, spoke at the ICCH conference in Glasgow on Friday (9 September) about how 'SAGE & THYME works fine online'.

The presentation abstract was co-authored with Dr Joanne Thomas (S&T business lead), Dr Nicky Barr and Sheona Ramsbottom (S&T trainers).

Mike talked about how, whilst the knowledge being taught was the same for SAGE & THYME Online as for the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop, the delivery was different.

Mike Connolly at the ICCH conference

Teaching foundation level communication skills online required:

  • checking that the learner's tech was OK and ensuring they knew how to use Zoom
  • a dramatic introduction
  • a PowerPoint presentation delivered in a conversational-style by two trainers
  • a video of a conversation (rather than live rehearsals), stopped at various points for discussion
  • polls and breakout rooms
  • direct questions to learners

For more information on our evaluation of SAGE & THYME Online, please contact us.