The licence

The SAGE & THYME logo and name are registered trade marks and the SAGE & THYME training materials have copyright protection. These intellectual property rights are owned by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. 

Person signing a contract
Why is a licence needed?

You need a licence because SAGE & THYME workshops are a finished product.  SAGE & THYME training has a specific programme, which is taught in a specific way. 

We can keep the consistency and quality of the training high by having a licence to cover how the training is taught. 

The licence is a legal agreement (contract) that gives your organisation permission to use the trade mark and copyright when it runs SAGE & THYME workshops, and details what you can and cannot do. 

If you want to run SAGE & THYME training, then you need to sign the licence agreement and pay the annual licence fees.

The licence fee pays for the infrastructure that keeps the SAGE & THYME team going so that we can continue to provide training and keep the materials and SAGE & THYME facilitators up to date.

What types of licence are available and how much do they cost?
Licence type Who can be taught? Annual cost Normally chosen by
Organisational Staff, students and volunteers in ONE organisation (the licence holder) Fixed fee for unlimited number of SAGE & THYME workshops Hospitals wanting to teach their staff and universities wanting to teach their student doctors/nurses
Network Staff, students and volunteers in the organisation holding the licence AND in other organisations named in the licence Fee is based on number of workshops run per year - you decide at the start of the year how many workshops you will run Hospices that teach people in other organisations and charities that provide training to multiple organisations
What does the annual licence fee cover?

Permission to run the SAGE & THYME workshop

Permission to use the trade marked logo and name

Access to teaching materials

Access to trainer and administrative support resources

Posters to use for advertising the workshops

Regular updates from the SAGE & THYME team

Access to the annual study day to meet and learn from other organisations running SAGE & THYME training (additional fee if held face to face)

Opportunity to contact a SAGE and THYME trainer if problems/difficulties are encountered

Opportunity to purchase access to an e-learning module to refresh the skills of people who have previously attended SAGE & THYME workshops (additional fee)

Ability to order reminder cards to give to delegates attending a SAGE & THYME workshop (additional fee)

Does the annual licence fee include access to the e-learning module?

No, an additional fee is payable for this as it is an optional extra.  The price is the same whether you have an organisational or network licence.

When should we apply for a licence?

The licence application should be made at the same time as you organise for your staff to be trained to become SAGE & THYME facilitators as it can take a few weeks to finalise.