Want to improve your own communication skills?

We can all improve.

We probably don't improve just with experience.

Training can definitely help.

SAGE & THYME teaches core skills in a specific structure.

Why is a structure helpful in conversations?

  • It guides the opening of a conversation about worries
  • It is a ’route map’ to navigate emotionally unpredictable conversations (so you don’t get lost)
  • It reminds you how to end a conversation with a shared plan of action

SAGE & THYME is a mnemonic that acts as a reminder for using a structured approach to a conversation about emotions or worries.

What is SAGE & THYME?

Watch this 4 min video explaining the SAGE & THYME structure

What will I learn in a S&T workshop?

  • Listening fully
  • Knowing exactly when and if you should share your advice and knowledge with the worried person
  • How to guide the discussion so that the worried person decides for themselves what the solutions might be 
How will I benefit from using the S&T structure when talking to someone with worries?

Listen better

Hold back with advice

Understand the worried person better

Help the other person to think more clearly

Not feel that you have to find solutions to the person’s problems

Let people make their own decisions

Be more confident in talking to people about their worries

Feel more competent in helping patient talk through their worries

How will patients and others benefit from me improving my communication skills?

Feel listened to

Think more clearly

Feel more in control

Feel more satisfied with their care

More likely to adhere to their treatment

Less likely to be misunderstood

More able to cope

How can I access S&T training?

You can attend a workshop run by us at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust OR
You can attend a workshop run by your own organisation (if it has a licence) OR           
You may be able to attend a workshop at another organisation (that offers places to your organisation)