Benefits of using SAGE & THYME

How might patients and others benefit from staff who improve their communication skills?

They will be:

  • More likely to be listened to
  • Thinking more clearly
  • Feeling more in control
  • More satisfied with their care
  • More likely to adhere to their treatment
  • Less likely to be misunderstood
  • More able to cope
Benefit for patients

Watch this 42 second video to learn about how patients benefits from conversations using the SAGE & THYME structure

How will staff, students, volunteers and others benefit from improving their communication skills?

They will:

  • Listen better
  • Hold back with advice
  • Not feel that they have to find solutions to the person’s problems
  • Let people make their own decisions
  • Be more confident in talking to people about their worries
  • Feel more competent in helping patients talk through their worries
  • Understand the worried person better
  • Help the other person to think more clearly
How does SAGE & THYME training fit with professional standards?
Staff group Standard
Nurses and midwives Sections 2 and 3 of 'The Code' (2015)
Doctors Domain 3 of the 'GMC: Good Medical Practice' (2013)
Allied health professionals Section 7 of the 'Health and Care Professions Council: Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics' (2012)
Managerial and administrative staff, volunteers and others The skills of listening and responding are the foundation of good customer service and team work