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Michael Connolly

Lead Trainer SAGE & THYME communication skills training

Mike is the lead developer and trainer for the SAGE & THYME foundation level workshops and SATFAC courses and formerly a Consultant Nurse in Supportive and Palliative Care (MFT).  He oversees the roll-out of SAGE & THYME to other organisations and reviews all evaluations returned by organisations running the workshops.  Mike is involved in the development of new courses and acts as an adviser to organisations conducting independent evaluations of the SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop. 

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Rachael Schofield

S&T Senior Administrator

Rachael's duties include: providing senior administrative support to the SAGE & THYME team; organising the workshops and SATFAC courses at MFT Wythenshawe Hospital and customer sites; invoicing; drafting and preparing licences for signing and licence renewals; amending and adapting documents; writing standard operating procedures and policies; assisting with preparation for webinars; liaising with and sending information to SAGE & THYME facilitators; and answering SAGE & THYME enquiries when needed.

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Amanda Reed

S & T Administrator

Amanda works alongside Rachael, providing administrative support to the SAGE & THYME Team.  Her duties include: organising the workshops and SATFAC courses at MFT- Wythenshawe Hospital &  external customer sites; purchasing and invoicing; liaising with and sending information to SAGE & THYME facilitators; the trainer contracts; organising pack orders and access to digital pack; amending and adapting documents; managing this web site and answering enquiries.

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Dr Joanne Thomas

Business Lead

Joanne is the business lead for SAGE & THYME and she carries this out as part of her role as Senior Project Manager - Innovation and IP at MFT.  She liaises with organisations wishing to run the SAGE & THYME training. She produces the guides and other documents relating to SAGE & THYME.  Joanne also oversees: the quotes and bookings for courses run on customer premises; the training management system used to organise courses and communicate with delegates and other oragnisations running SAGE & THYME; and general communications and the information on this web site. Requests for reproducing SAGE & THYME copyright and using the logo are also managed by Joanne.

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Sheona Ramsbottom

Lead SATFAC trainer
Sheona Ramsbottom is a lead trainer for SAGE and THYME and for SATFAC. Her background is psychotherapy in palliative care and mediation. As well as teaching SAGE & THYME Sheona is an experienced trainer of trainers in advanced communication skills.
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Dr Padraig McDonnell

SATFAC trainer
Dr Padraig McDonnell is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust. His clinical work is predominantly the support of people with cancer and the supervision of people who provide such support. Pod is a lead trainer for SAGE & THYME and a SATFAC trainer.
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Helen Bradley

SATFAC & ACP Trainer
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Vicky Robinson

SATFAC Trainer