New presentation and packs

7 January 2019

For the start of 2019, the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop has been revised and updated, following consultation with a number of SAGE & THYME facilitators.

The changes include:

  • making the SAGE & THYME explanation clearer
  • having less focus on healthcare and patients (as the workshop is attended by non-clinical people too such as hospice volunteers); and
  • improving the materials in the delegate packs (including a new handout on using the SAGE & THYME structure in conversations).

Other than changes to the presentation and the delegate packs, all other elements of the workshop will stay the same, including the timings of each part of the workshop.

The changes to the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop presentation were launched to existing SAGE & THYME facilitators at the annual study day in November 2018 and the revised presentation was taught in the SATFAC course from November onwards.

Organisations running the workshop now have 3 months (until the end of March 2019) to transition over to using the new presentation in all the workshops they run - they are being provided with hard copies of the new handout to use with the old delegate packs (to avoid waste).  Once they have used up their old pack stock, they will be able to order the new delegate packs.

The revised presentation (which includes new 'stick' men) explains each step of SAGE & THYME more clearly and a number of SAGE & THYME facilitators have contacted us about how much they like it!

SAGE & THYME Foundation Level workshop slide