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Our licence for S&T FL

The copyright in the SAGE & THYME structure, training materials and the registered trade marks for SAGE & THYME are owned Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT).  Thus, organisations wishing to use these need a licence (permission to use them) from MFT.

The licence is a legal agreement between MFT (licensor) and your organisation (licensee) and therefore it needs to be signed by someone authorised to sign legal agreements on behalf of each party.

The licence clarifies each party’s responsibilities (e.g. only authorised facilitators named in the licence can run the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level/Online workshops) and ensures that the workshop is delivered consistently and to a high standard.

There are two types of licence:

  1. Organisational licence – this allows you to train staff, students and volunteers in your organisation and use the digital pack.  There is a fixed fee for this licence and you can run an unlimited number of workshops per year.
  1. Network licence – this allows you to train staff, students and volunteers in your organisation and also those in other organisations such as hospices, universities, CCGs, social care staff and care homes, and use the digital pack.  The fee is based on the number of workshops run per year.  The licence fee for the first workshop is higher than the fee charged for subsequent workshops.  If you run more workshops that you paid for in your licence fee, you pay for the additional workshops at the end of the year.

The prices are here.

The main operational issues covered by the licence are as follows:


  • Who can be taught – people and organisation(s) listed
  • Who can run the workshops (authorised facilitators)
  • Can charge up to £90 per delegate (can’t make a profit)
  • Licence automatically renewed each year unless terminated
  • Cannot use SAGE & THYME logo without permission

Workshop requirements

  • SAGE & THYME Foundation Level run by 3 authorised facilitators/SAGE & THYME Online run by 2 authorised facilitators
  • Max of 30 delegates for SAGE & THYME Foundation Level/ 20 delegates for SAGE & THYME Online
  • Follow guidance provided by MFT
  • Issue delegate digital pack and certificate


  • Keep record of attendance
  • Provide a summary of all the data captured from delegate feedback at the end of each licence year

The licence application should be made at the same time as people are booked onto a SATFAC/Online SATFAC course as it can take a few weeks to finalise.


Basic Guide to the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level and SAGE & THYME Online Workshops (April 2023)


Business case guide for SAGE & THYME training (April 2023)


SAGE and THYME licence application form v1.8


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