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Running FL workshops in your organisation

To run the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level/Online workshops in your organisation you will need the following:

  • Support from senior management
  • Funding to pay for the licence, facilitator training and facilitator support
  • Licence from Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
  • At least 3-4 people who meet the person specification and have been trained to be SAGE & THYME facilitators
  • 1 person to act as a mentor for the S&T facilitators
  • Administrative support
  • Learner packs (now available digitally)

Once you have organised the above, you will need:

  • SAGE & THYME presentation in PowerPoint
  • DVD of SAGE & THYME scenarios
  • Training room (accommodating 30 people and with moveable chairs for group work)/online meeting platform (Zoom is recommended)
  • Computer and a projector (Foundation Level only)
  • DVD player (Foundation Level only)
  • Flip chart paper and pens (Foundation Level only)
  • People to teach (up to 30 per Foundation Level workshop/up to 20 per Online workshop)

We have a ‘basic guide’ that is your first point of call if you are interested in running SAGE & THYME training in your organisation (see download on right hand side).

If you need to submit a business case in order to gain the funding you need to pay for training and licence (which includes the cost of the delegate digital pack), you may find our business case guide helpful (see download on right hand side).

Find out more about the format of the the SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop
Find out more about becoming a SAGE &THYME Facilitator
Find out more about licencing
Find out more about prices

To hear about how other organisations have adopted the SAGE & THYME training, read these case studies.

Not sure how to proceed?

You can contact us;

Education and Research Centre
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Wythenshawe Hospital
Southmoor Road
M23 9LT

T: +44 (0)161 291 4210
E: sageandthyme@mft.nhs.uk

For information on how to find us, click here.  The Education and Research Centre is in the orange zone and the closest car park is the maternity car park.


Basic Guide to the SAGE & THYME Foundation Level and SAGE & THYME Online Workshops (April 2023)


Business case guide for SAGE & THYME training (April 2023)


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